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Using satellite imagery, historical data and artificial intelligence, our new Smart Fertilizer Report helps save fertilizer costs by identifying areas to use DAP and SOP in a greater or lower quantity.
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With the free trial, for 2 weeks you’ll get 4 precision reports: Plant Health, Water Stress, Plant Stress and Nitrogen Report

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Subscription includes a one time Smart Fertilizer Report along with 4 precision reports every week.


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  • Receive 4 precision reports every week: Plant Health, Water Stress, Plant Stress and Nitrogen Report
  • One time Smart Fertilizer Report to reduce DAP and SOP usage and costs
  • Rs. 75 per acre monthly fee only!
  • Avail crop classification report (1000 acres and above)
  • Avail harvest monitoring report (1000 acres and above)*

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*Fee calculation based on exact acreage and number of harvest monitoring reports.