Empowering farmers to
feed the world sustainably

Meet the co-founders

Muhammed Bukhari

Muzaffar Manghi​

Ibrahim Akbar Bukhari​

Our values


We cut through complexity making things simpler and easier for our customers


We create value for our customers and help them make lasting and sustainable improvement


We are fluid and fast in delivering the best experiences to our customers


We use disruptive technology and data to improve the lives of people


We help our customers conserve resources, increase food security and reduce the impact of climate change


We celebrate diversity and respect colleagues and customers irrespective of their disability, gender, race, and religion

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

At Farmdar, our vision is to use data and artificial intelligence to build a food secure world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower farmers with actionable data to lower costs, increase yield, enhance quality and reduce waste.

The global need for Farmdar

The world’s population will grow to 10 billion in 30 years.


Global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.5 degree Celsius by 2050.


By then, the world’s food production will need to be doubled.


Currently, 30% of the world’s agricultural production is lost or wasted.


It is essential that sustainability becomes the heart of farming practices.

The Need for Famdar in Pakistan

  • Pakistan is highly exposed the climate change:
  • We rank 8th on the Global Climate Risk Index.
  • Current agricultural production loss stands at a staggering 42%.
  • Sustainability and efficiency in agricultural and farming solutions is the need of the hour.
  • We are an agri-dependent economy, with 80% of small farmers striving for their livelihood.
  • The available solutions to increase efficiency and reduce waste are: labor intensive, have low accuracy, offer partial coverage, bear poor documentation, and have a huge impact on climate change.