Empowering farmersto feed the world sustainably

About Us

The global need for Farmdar

The world’s population will grow to 10 billion in 30 years.

Global temperatures are expected to rise by 1.5 degree Celsius by 2050.

By then, the world’s food production will need to be doubled.

Currently, 30% of the world’s agricultural production is lost or wasted.

It is essential that sustainability becomes the heart of farming practices.

The need for Farmdar in Pakistan

About Farmdar

Farmdar is a data oriented Agri-Tech company that aims to provide solutions for sustainable farming by using modern technology. We aim to provide farmers with actionable data to improve productivity and reduce inputs through Remote Sensing and AI. Farmdar helps corporate decision-makers to optimize decisions, improve efficiency with greater levels of sustainability, by providing them with actionable data about their desired agricultural raw material. This enables manufacturers and other businesses to determine the location, quality, and quantity of their desired crops, even before harvest season, without allocating any substantial resources.

Our vision and mission

At Farmdar, our vision is to use data and artificial intelligence to build a food secure world.

Our mission is to empower farmers with actionable data to lower costs, increase yield, enhance quality and reduce waste.

Why do we exist?

 Our purpose is to support farmers to feed the world sustainably.