Farmdar: Precision agriculture to reduce cost, increase productivity and grow food sustainably.

Farmdar is an agri-tech company.

We give you the power of precision agriculture, by providing accurate data on your crops.

It’s like hearing your crops talk to you.

If you’re a farmer, our data can help you monitor your crops remotely, reduce farming costs, increase yield and reduce waste.

For large agri-businesses, we can tell you the exact acreage and geo-coordinates of your desired crops across hundreds of kilometers, their sowing time, weekly harvest monitoring and even the variety.

By using precision agriculture, you not only benefit yourself or your business, but also make your contribution to the planet, by helping secure food sustainability and reducing the huge carbon impact that agriculture has on the environment.

How it works

Registration on

Farmer registers on the app
and marks field.

Remote Sensing

We engage the right
satellite to gather multi-band
imagery and collect raw data from mobile real-time
soil sensors.

AI Processing

Our artificial intelligence
tech-stack creates actionable data, that is verified
for accuracy.

Data Report Sharing

The customer is provided
with reports straight to
their mobile phone or

Plant Health Report

Identifies areas of good and poor plant health

Plant Stress Report

Identify which tree and crops
are under stress

Water Level Report

Identify areas of high, medium and low water stress

Fertilizer Report

Identify areas of high, medium
and low fertilizer requirement

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Get higher yield, reduce agricultural waste and input costs

Farmdar’s data is insightful and accurate, helping farmers make timely and calculated decisions.


Water Efficiency


Input Efficiency


Yield Increase



Waste Reduction

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